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Bing had promised URL and content submission APIs directly in its search engine, these tools are now available through an information mini-site providing a lot of data to developers wishing to integrate them. in their solutions …

We know that Bing has, in the months that have just passed, multiplied the announcements about tools and functionalities allowing you to better index your site on the search engine of Microsoft.

Beyond the new version of its Webmaster Tools in bta version and an evergreen Bingbot, Bing had announced in October 2019 a content submission API to complete its indexing offer of 10,000 URLs per day for a site web given.

It was all going in the right direction. Now, Bing has also created a URL and content submission center that aims to be an easy-to-integrate API solution, which websites can call to notify Bing whenever the content on a website is updated or created, allowing a crawl, indexing and instant discovery of the content of your site.

The site offers sample code to use the two APIs (URL and content submission), a FAQ, partner announcements (Yoast and Botify are the first to integrate this solution into their tools), documentation for developers, etc.

Fabrice Canel, one of the creators of this new tool, told Search Engine Land that this new possibility was very important in Bing’s strategy: Thanks to this API, we are helping many websites to get their indexing real-time content, minimize the impact of crawlers, reduce global warming and more

Video presentation of the new content submission center and URL by Bing. Source: Bing

The new content and URL submission center by Bing. Source: Bing

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