Bing: We discover 70-100 billion new links every day

An astonishing figure launch by Fabrice Canel and Frederic Dubut (Bing) during a discussion on the occasion of the last Search Y event: every day, the robots of Microsoft’s search engine discover 70,100 billion new links, never identified before. This gives an idea of ​​the current gigantism of the Web … Last Friday took place […]

Infographic: The SEO 2020 calendar – Ultimate SEO

An infographic which proposes, for 25 fes and events fixed dates the editorial calendar set up to plan each of them, in order to publish early enough to obtain the best possible visibility on search engines. Essential! … Our Friday infographic is offered today by Semji and offers an SEO calendar for 2020 (but it […]

The Malediction of French Search Engines – Ultimate SEO

This article aims (humbly) to return to the history of the search engines that have existed in France since the creation of the Web (Lokace, Ecila, Deepindex, Exalead, Orange, Xaphir, Qwant …), a p I have been fortunate to live from its origins since I work on the Web and have been passionate about research […]