Bing: We discover 70-100 billion new links every day

An astonishing figure launch by Fabrice Canel and Frederic Dubut (Bing) during a discussion on the occasion of the last Search Y event: every day, the robots of Microsoft’s search engine discover 70,100 billion new links, never identified before. This gives an idea of ​​the current gigantism of the Web …

Last Friday took place Paris the Search Y event, offering many conferences, especially on SEO and search engines. Among the representatives of these drivers, Frederic Dubut and Fabroce Canel, two thinkers from Bing, spoke of Deep learning (Frederic) and crawl (Fabrice).

After their conference, we were able to discuss a good moment in front of a café on the sometimes complex world of search engines and the difficulty of managing and maintaining daily indexes and algorithms on a global level.

Among these visions, the discussion quickly focused on the size of the Web. According to Fabrice Canel, the size of the Web is infinite because it is growing and growing every day in an incredible way. Generally speaking, we rather estimate a high limit, from which it is really no longer useful to crawl. It can be estimated between 40 and 60 billion billion URLs (Google also announces similar figures). But there are many others. That said, you have to crawl the right pages first. Another astonishing figure: every day, we discover between 70 and 100 billion new links, that is to say links that we did not know, that we had never seen, until the day before.

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Warning: covering as many links does not mean that the landing pages will be indexed or that they are of extraordinary quality. As Fr d ric Dubut says: there is a lot of fat there … ude42 But the order of magnitude is still incredible …

Indeed, these figures are staggering and in particular the fact of discovering nearly 100 billion new links. Every day !! We see the difficulty of creating a relevant search engine and also the problem for SEO tools that are based on the analysis of backlinks, such as Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer

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