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Bing has just announced the Special Announcement structured data tag which allows to mark web content around the coronavirus (Covid 19) and special and official announcements made about it …

Bing officially announced this week that the search engine now accepts a specific structured data tag relating to ads on the coronavirus (Covid-19).

This is the Special Announcement tag comprising several properties / parameters such as disease Prevention Info, disease Spread Statistics, quarantine Guidelines, news Updates And Guidelines, public Transport Closures Info, etc. (the names speak for themselves).

These tags are for example used on the statistical analysis tool on the virus that Bing has been offering for a few days (and which now displays trend curves over time for the different figures displayed).

The use of these tags is however subject to certain constraints: the site must be an official government site reporting statistics on cases in a region. The information contained in the markup must be up to date and consistent with the statistics displayed to the general public from the site. The special announcement must include the date on which it was posted, indicating the time when the statistics were released for the first time.

These tags can be used as special announcements from local businesses, hospitals, schools, government offices, for information on risk assessments and tracking centers provided by health care providers and public health organizations, for info on travel restrictions from government agencies, travel agencies, airlines, hu00f4tels and other travel service providers, in addition to other specific tags.

More info also on this online help page.

Update 04/01/2020: Google also supports these tags now …

Main features of the SpecialAnnouncement tag by Bing. Source: Bing

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