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An infographic which proposes, for 25 fes and events fixed dates the editorial calendar set up to plan each of them, in order to publish early enough to obtain the best possible visibility on search engines. Essential! …

Our Friday infographic is offered today by Semji and offers an SEO calendar for 2020 (but it will also serve perfectly for the following years).

Indeed, for a large number of feasts or fixed date events, this calendar tells you:

  • The type of subject concerned (retail, tourism, lifestyle, daily life);
  • When to develop your content strategy? ;
  • When should you dig? ;
  • When should you publish?

All to be as visible as possible on search engines.

In short, as indicated below, there is no point in running, you have to start! Free or turtle, you choose your strategy!

Ruler online at :

You can also click on the image to obtain an enlarged version (note that the version below was specially produced for Ultimate SEO and is different from that available online):

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