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Google Podcasts for the Web and Android are getting new subscription features and are now also available on iOS. You won’t miss a thing from your favorite podcasts …

Google announced last week a redesign of its Google Podcasts tool in these terms: We have redesigned the Google Podcasts application to facilitate the discovery of podcasts that you will love, to build your list of podcasts to listen and to personalize your cost.

We have added support for Google Podcasts for Web subscriptions. Whichever platform you use, your cost will synchronize between the devices and you can resume where you stopped.

The tool is now also available on iOS in addition to the Android app.

The new application is organized around three tabs: Home, Explore and Activity. The Home tab offers a stream of new episodes and allows you to quickly access the missions to which you subscribe. When you select an episode you want to listen to, you will now see the topics or people covered in this podcast, and you can easily skip Google search to find out more.

In the Explore tab, To shows you the new recommendations of missions and episodes related to your interests, and you can browse popular podcasts in categories such as comedy, sport and news . You will be able to control personalized recommendations from the parameters of Google Podcasts, which are accessible directly from the Explorer tab.

Finally, as you listen to and subscribe to other podcasts, the Activity tab will display your listening history, pending episodes and downloads. For each mission of your subscriptions, you can now activate automatic loading and / or push notifications for the release of new episodes.

The 3 tabs of the Google Podcasts application. Source: Google

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