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Google has just struck a big blow in the microcosm of SEO by creating 3 levels of certification in natural referencing, each of these levels giving acces many interesting services, like specific tools or direct contact with a specialist googler of the domain. Everything will be available in a few weeks …

Over time, Google has offered a fairly large catalog of professional certifications for its tools. Among the best known and most popular, we can cite the Google Ads Certification or the Google Analytics Certification without forgetting the Google Partner Certification. But there are many others

Finally, it lacked the obvious one, well in the field of SEO which was the great absent of these certifications until now. Well, this oversight is about to be rectified because this certification will be available du00e8s next month. Each SEO, consultant or SEO agency will be able to pass an exam (distance) and answer many questions in the form of a multiple choice MCQ to be completed in a limited time to obtain a grade and therefore a grade according to their level of knowledge. : Gold (100% correct answers), Silver (90% correct answers or more) or Bronze (70% or more). Anyone answering positively less than 70% of the questions will be rejected and will have to wait 6 months before taking the exam again.

The 3 levels of Google SEO certification. Source: Ultimate SEO.

Remember that certification will be obtained for a natural person and not for a legal entity (company). Depending on the level obtained, the certified will be entitled to different levels of service from Google:

The services provided by Google according to the level of Google SEO certification obtained. Source: Ultimate SEO.

As we can see in this table, some services are very interesting:

  • The possibility of being in contact with a person, at Google (located in Dublin most of the time, but also Mountain View, in California, for the most sensitive points) who will be able to answer the questions, mostly technical, certifi cates, in French or English.
  • A tool for testing the quality of the backlinks to a site, a tru00e8s tool certainly awaited by many of us: the backlinks to a website will thus be valued with a note that will remind memories of TBPR enthusiasts, there a few years ago: from 0 (toxic link) 10 (excellent link).
  • A massive URL submission interface (up to 100,000 URLs in a single pass).
  • An SEO audit tool for the HTML code (presence and quality of the main HTML tags: Hn, Title, meta description, canonical, etc.).
  • And finally a tru00e8s push tool for monitoring the positions of a site in the SERP (an announcement that should not please software like Semrush, Yooda, Myposeo or Ranks).
  • Without forgetting the possibility of displaying the badge in question on its website and in its emails, in order to send back to customers and prospects an image of seriousness and professionalism recognized by the engine.

Highlighting in the key SERPs, but only after a moral survey

It should be noted that the websites monitored by Google SEO certified people (Gold, Silver or Bronze) will have a priority in the SERPs, since the consultants and agencies that deal with these sites will have proven their skills in the m tier through certification (people who failed certification will not see their sites penalized, however).

Of course, a (virtual) morale and neighborhood survey will be done by Google at the level of the past of each person passing the certification, to verify that no black hat technique has been used in the past years. by the rf renceur (or the rf renceuse because the gentile woman also loses herself sometimes from the obscure cu00f4t of the force) in question. We have the opportunity to verify this, even if manipulation work has been done anonymously or with the help of avatars, explains the now known tru00e8s David C. Bigfish, spokesperson for Google which intervenes at least once a year on Ultimate SEO.

The Google SEO certification is a professional accreditation delivered by Google to individuals who have proven their poor knowledge of search and website optimization methods, from basic principles to an advanced level. It allows them to certify that Google considers them to be specialists in natural referencing, and it is normal that they should be highlighted in the search results, concludes David. Beyond the semantics, it is really in new fields like fisheries that we are looking for candidates and consultants who know what to look for and optimize means (). And they are rare now!

According to our information, a challenge could also be created between all people of the same level (Gold, Silver or Bronze), in the form of an SEO positioning competition organized by the engine itself, especially on the request GoogleTuRank, with the possibility for the winners to level up or, for those already in Gold, to win a trip to the Seychelles with Danny Sullivan, John Mueller, Gary Illyes, Martin Splitt and Vincent Courson for a diving course e in deep water which would give them a picture of the complexity of the engine algorithm. But the teams that set up the certification still have many questions about the interest of this competition, as of the trip that would result from it, even if one can think that the vicinity of some sharks in troubled waters never makes to understand this environment

The announcement made today by Google will certainly create a tsunami in the field of SEO, paying close attention to the quality of the work put in place by SEO in 2020. The desire to highlight RF Encounterers who value loyal and honest work is a first at Google and at the level of search engines in general. We bet that the general level of SERP will be greatly improved and that fishing for relevant results will be good!

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