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Some info on Google (and sometimes Bing) and its search engine, gleaned here and there unofficially these past few days, with this week’s program some answers to these frightening questions: The fact that content is available in format Is AMP a criterion of relevance for the Google algorithm? How to be sure that an infinite scroll system is Google compatible?

Here is a small compilation of information provided by official Google spokespersons in recent days on various informal networks (Twitter, Hangouts, forums, conferences, etc.). So gossips (rumor) + Google = Goossips

The communication of the search engine being sometimes more or less subject to a deposit, we indicate, in the lines below, the level of confidence (rate of reliability) that we grant the information provided by Google (from 1 to 3 stars, 3 stars representing the maximum confidence rate) – and not the source who speaks about it.

Martin Splitt indicated on Twitter that content available in AMP format was not promoted more on Google than non-AMP content. Clearly, the AMP format is not a criterion of relevance for the algorithm of the search engine.
Source: Search Engine Roundtable
Reliability rate:
Google has said it many times before, but the fact that it is Martin Splitt, a credible tru00e8s source at Google, which has published it here gives it greater weight.
Infinite scroll
Ms. Martin Splitt explained during a hangout for developers that it was necessary to test the infinite scroll systems possibly implemented on a website with Google tools (a priori the mobile compatibility test tool) for see how Google and its rendering system view the page when crawled, so that it can be analyzed properly as you would like it to be. He added that the URL inspection tool in the Search Console can also give a lot of information about the crawl code and understood by the engine.
Source: Search Engine Journal
Reliability rate:
In summary: we must test, test and always test gru00e2ce with the tools at our disposal. As usual in SEO, what …

Goossips: AMP and Infinite Scroll. Image source: Google

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