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Some info on Google (and Bing sometimes) and its search engine, gleaned here and there unofficially these past few days, with this week’s program some answers to these frightening questions: Should we translate the name of a file image for each version of a multilingual site? Does creating voice Actions influence the SEO of a site? Does Googlebot favor American sites during its crawl?

Here is a small compilation of information provided by official Google spokespersons in recent days on various informal networks (Twitter, Hangouts, Google+, forums, conferences, etc.). So gossips (rumor) + Google = Goossips

The communication of the search engine being sometimes more or less subject to a deposit, we indicate, in the lines below, the level of confidence (rate of reliability) that we grant the information provided by Google (from 1 to 3 stars, 3 stars representing the maximum confidence rate) – and not the source who speaks about it.

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Image file name translation
John Mueller explained during a hangout that it was not necessary, on a multilingual site, to translate the name of the image files by copying them for each site. For example, if the French version is the main version of the site and an image in one of the pages has the name fish-in-the-sea.jpg, you can keep and use this image, under this name, for the English version of the page. It is not necessary to copy the image giving it the name fish-in-the-sea.jpg.
Source: Search Engine Roundtable
Reliability rate:
Given the importance and weight of the criterion relating to the presence of key words in an image name, this would indeed be a lot of work for a very very poor result. One version will suffice.
Voice Actions
Danny Sullivan indicated on Twitter that integrating voice actions (equivalent to Amazon’s skills) on his site has no impact on the ranking of this site in the SERP. Creating such voice apps does not affect SEO.
Source: Search Engine Roundtable
Reliability rate:
It’s very logical. The two have nothing to see and generally speaking, creating anything using Google tools has no influence on SEO either.
Crawl of US sites
John Mueller indicated on Twitter that the search engine robot did not prioritize crawling of sites according to the geographic location of the server. In particular, American sites are not better or faster crawled than sites from another country.
Source: Search Engine Roundtable
Reliability rate:
Logical too. What counts above all is the update frequency and PageRank, regardless of the location of the server in terms of speed and crawl frequency.

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