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Some info on Google (and Bing sometimes) and its search engine, gleaned here and unofficial these last days, with the program this week some answers to these nerve-wracking questions: Why Google does not sometimes take up the content the meta description tag in its results pages? Can Internet users’ behavior change Google’s algorithm, especially during the coronavirus crisis? What if we offer on its site the mme content that dozens of others? Does Google take into account the noscript tag, especially for images?

Here is a small compilation of information provided by official Google spokespersons in recent days on various informal networks (Twitter, Hangouts, forums, conferences, etc.). So gossips (rumor) + Google = Goossips

The communication of the search engine being sometimes more or less subject to caution, we indicate, in the lines below, the level of confidence (rate of reliability) that we grant to the information provided by Google (from 1 to 3 stars , 3 paintings representing the maximum confidence rate) – and not at the source which speaks of it.

Meta Description
John Mueller indicated in a hangout with webmasters the different reasons why Google will not take the content of the meta description tag of a page in its snippet (sum of the page in the search results): 1. The meta description is neither relevant nor useful (example: a collection of keywords s). 2. The meta description is copied identically on a large number of pages. 3. The meta description does not correspond to what the user is looking for, but other contents of the page correspond to it better (basically, the tag does not contain the requu00eate) …
Source: Search Engine Journal
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The habits and behavior of Internet users change very often and, overall, the algorithms developed by Google take this into account (QDF or other). But a priori, nothing specific therefore for the coronavirus …
John Mueller said in a hangout that it was very difficult to stand out when offering mu00eame information on his site than dozens of other sources of information on the web (he was talking to a website editor here telephone tones). He explained in particular that it was necessary to cultivate a difference compared to the competition to have a chance to stand out and be well positioned on Google …
Source: Search Engine Journal
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So true ! Proposing the same thing as the others is very complex in SEO, and all the more so if you arrive after the others. You really have to bring a difference, an added value, to try to be better and therefore better classified …
Martin Splitt explained during a hangout that Google no longer supports the noscript tag, except for images. But that mu00eame this vision could soon be called into question by removing this consideration for images, if the signals received elsewhere are sufficient to fully understand what is included in an image and what it represents …
Source: Search Engine Roundtable
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And this can also remove spam (contained in the noscript tag not corresponding to the content of the image). Martin Splitt did not say it, but we can imagine that it would also be one of the motivations for not taking into account the noscript for images …

Goossips: Meta Description, Internet Behavior, Difference and Noscript. Image source: Google

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