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An infographic that lists the 10 main character traits that a good SEO must have in order to develop their skills and offer the best possible services. And you what do you think ?…

Our Friday infographic is offered today by Ultimate SEO (we are never better served you know the rest) and offers a list of 10 qualities that build the morale of a SEO.

Of course, this profession requires knowledge – technical or otherwise – it is obvious. But I didn’t want to stop there. What interested me most were the moral qualities, the main character traits that an SEO must have to get the best results and develop in their profession.

To this end, I launched a discussion on Twitter a few days ago, and very many people (thank you, because their answers were very enriching) replied to give their vision on this subject. So I tried to sum up everything I read about this occasion in the infographic below, while adding my own ideas.

The situation will be very different very different depending on how we exercise this profession: freelance, for our own sites, in agencies or with the advertiser (in house) in particular. And, just as obviously, the content of this infographic is very subjective. So don’t hesitate to express your opinion about it in the comments!

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Here is everything that emerged from this brain storming on the qualities of a good SEO:

  1. Curiosity
    Being curious, doing tests and setting up a daily watch are essential criteria in a field as fast as SEO. Making Test and Learn its basic principle is a necessity.
  2. The ability to question
    Knowing how to question oneself, sometimes doubting while having a certain faith, a self-confidence, but without never blindly following what one reads or hears here or there: the daily life of an SEO sometimes follows sideways
  3. Patience
    Analyzing data takes time, always looking for the best result is a matter of perseverance, gaining experience is a long way. SEO is a real school of patience. Let’s stay zen
  4. Adaptability
    Doing SEO requires a good dose of empathy, listening, adaptability, even flexibility, to understand the expectations and needs of the client. Sometimes, too, you have to know how to say No and refuse an unsustainable project
  5. Intuition
    A certain amount of feeling is sometimes important, to understand the actions to be implemented and the data to be processed. But also to understand why the motors work in this or that way. A domain where experience plays a lot
  6. Ethical
    An SEO must be passionate about his profession, but also be honest with his client (or even with himself). White Hat or Black Hat? The side of the force he will choose, and thereafter he will assume it
  7. Pedagogy
    Knowing how to communicate and make simple sometimes (very) complex subjects, speak a language understood by all and especially his client: SEO is a real teacher!
  8. Rigor
    A good methodology is essential for conducting SEO audits, implementing a long-term strategy, planning actions and avoiding any (bad) surprises.
  9. Humility
    Humility, modesty, qualities that go hand in hand with the referral profession. Socrates’ phrase The only thing I know is that I don’t know anything should encourage SEO to always learn and never rest on its laurels. Questioning again and again
  10. Versatility
    SEO unites many third parties, sometimes very different: technical, editorial, marketing. You need to know most of them to have a global view of the business and advise the client as well as possible.

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