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The Google Search Console has just passed the URL removal tool in the format of its new version, with some new options including the indication of URLs subject to SafeSearch filtering …

Google announced yesterday that the Search Console had just updated the tool for removing URLs, which was still available before, but in the old version of the engine for webmasters.

This new version, available under the term Suppressions, seems more complete or in any case clearer than the previous one, and allows several actions to be carried out:

Temporary removal of a URL (maximum 6 months instead of 3 previously) from the engine index of a page that is not the subject of another similar request (crawl prohibited by robots.txt , ban on indexing by the meta robots noindex tag or the X-robots-tag directive, etc.). All URL variants (www, other than www and HTTP / HTTPS) will be deleted, as will the cached version if this additional request is made. 6 months later, if nothing else is done, the URL in question will appear again and will appear in the index and therefore the search results.

Quick and final deletion from the engine index of a page already subject to another similar request (crawl ban by robots.txt, indexation ban by meta robots noindex tag or the directive X-robots-tag, etc.). In this case, it is above all a question of speeding up the process of indexation (or prohibition of crawl).

Roll a dice at :

Indication of obsolete content deleted by Google (when the deletion request concerned content that was no longer available on the site in question).

SafeSearch filtering for pages that have been sent by Google Internet users through its online suggestion system, indicating that they are intended for an adult audience and therefore filtered by the family engine filter. This option is new.

The tool is certainly not generally used on a daily basis in the Search Console, however it is often very useful for quickly deleting content for X reasons …

Indication of requested URLs to be deleted in the new Search Console. Source: Ultimate SEO

Request to delete URLs in the new Search Console. Source: Ultimate SEO

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