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Google advises companies with a My Business file to update the information displayed in the SERPs to match any changes due to the Covid-19 crisis …

Google has published on this page some advice for businesses affected by the current pandemic (coronavirus / covid-19) and which have a my Business page. For example: update the hours if they have been changed due to the crisis, manage information such as possible measures to protect customers and staff, publish a post explaining the current situation for your establishment , etc. All so that the information published in Google’s search results is accurate and corresponds to the current situation. Without forgetting to modify them again, well, when this disease will be eradicated and the situation will have returned to normal.

Note that there is also a page in English explaining that, due to the fact that the data verification teams at Google must respond to a new organization and operate in reduced staff, always because of the coronavirus, manual verifications some changes may take longer and some features (including Q&A) are suspended. But we have not found a French version of this page, so these restrictions may only apply in the English-speaking world.

Example of a file for a restaurant indicated Closed temporarily. Source: Ultimate SEO

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