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In a video published this week on one of its YouTube channel, Google gives 5 tips for having a successful website. Among these, he recommends working with a professional SEO to improve the visibility and ranking of your website … We agree …

Were a time out this type of advice would not have gone on the air But times change at Google and, in a last video entitled The 5 main things to consider for your website from its YouTube chau00eene Search for D butants (announced yesterday on the blog for webmasters in French, which had not known updates for a while), the leading engine gives 5 tips to be visible in the results on a given request when poss of a website:

  1. Check if your site is indexed: Perform a search with the site request: to see if it is known on Google.
  2. Provide high quality content: Follow the advice of Google’s official recommendations for webmasters and suggested documents describing best practices.
  3. Make sure the website is fast and accessible on all devices.
  4. Make sure the website is for visitors: Secure your website using an HTTPS connection.
  5. And the last: hire a SEO: Are you looking for someone to work on your website? Hiring a search engine optimizer, or SEO, can be an option. SEO are professionals who can help you improve the visibility and ranking of your website. We will talk in more detail about hiring an SEO in future episodes …

Okay, well, if it is Google that says.

We are therefore also looking forward to the next episodes that will speak new about this subject, since we were promised.

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