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Two infographics this week (one for the English-speaking world, the other for the French-speaking world) which propose research trends that have changed in recent weeks and which shows us how much the coronavirus / Covid-19 crisis is affecting our research. daily web on Google …

Our first Friday infographic is offered today by PageTraffic and offers SEO trends (evolution of requests) in several areas (e-commerce, health and well-being, news, travel, cooking recipes, leisure) and some advice to follow in terms of SEO during this period of Coronavirus and confinement, for the English-speaking world.

You can also click on the image to obtain an enlarged version:

Impact of Coronavirus on SEO. Source PageTraffic.

Second infographic, for the French-speaking world this time, by the Observatory of digital marketing with, there too, the trends induced by the current crisis in our daily life of researcher on the Web in these topics: Cooking, Sport, DIY and gardening, escape, practice, etc. Yes, the coronavirus epidemic does have a good impact on our searches on Google, we can feel it very strongly in these figures.

We advise you here to click on the image to obtain an enlarged version, because the graphic choices made make it very unreadable in normal size:

Impact of Coronavirus on SEO in the French-speaking world. Source: Observatory of digital marketing.

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