Search Console Updates URL Removal Tool – Ultimate SEO

The Google Search Console has just passed the URL removal tool in the format of its new version, with some new options including the indication of URLs subject to SafeSearch filtering … Google announced yesterday that the Search Console had just updated the tool for removing URLs, which was still available before, but in the […]

Want to apply as SEO at Google? – Ultimate SEO

Google has just published a job offer to recruit a SEO / SEO in its Mountain teams, the former holder having changed positions. Who is it among you? … Did you know that at Google one or more people are working on SEO positions (note that this was already the case in 2015)? Among them, […]

Bing supports structured data tags for special announcements under coronavirus – SEO and search engines news – Ultimate SEO

Bing has just announced the Special Announcement structured data tag which allows to mark web content around the coronavirus (Covid 19) and special and official announcements made about it … Bing officially announced this week that the search engine now accepts a specific structured data tag relating to ads on the coronavirus (Covid-19). This is […]